Hi, I'm Kayla, the owner & creator of Shea Crochet. 

I've always loved creating art in various forms; painting, sewing, drawing & knitting. In 2014, I taught myself to knit & crochet scarves for my dog, my friends & myself. It was mostly a seasonal hobby that I picked up every fall/winter.

In 2017, I started planning to move across the province the following year. I wanted to make gifts for my friends before I moved - that's when I discovered amigurumi, but I had no idea how to make it.

After spending hours trying to learn how to make a magic ring, trying to use a smaller crochet hook & figuring out how to incorporate small details, I finally managed to create gifts for them. 

They were all so kind & encouraged me to start a business. As soon as I was settled in from moving, I began writing my own patterns, in March, 2019.

A bit about me:

-Shea is my middle name. I chose Shea Crochet because it sounds nicer + it abbreviates to SC (single crochet)

-I'm an animal lover. I have two Persian cats (Morticia & Charlie) & a border collie (Elliott)

-I'm an INFJ; I love helping others

-I'm a neat freak who loves to keep things clean & organized