Sewing four-legged creatures

While working on the eeveelutions, I thought it would be a good time to take some pictures & write a tutorial about how to sew four-legged creatures together.

I really struggled to do this for a while, so completely avoided making four-legged creatures. I found it extremely hard to get the legs to stand evenly so all of the paws touched/it didn't tip over. Everything I tried to make ended up wobbly & just generally not so nice. A friend of mine asked how I do it & said that this method was really helpful & worth sharing.

What you'll need:

- body & four legs from a project - pins - a sewing needle - a flat surface


First, pin one of the back legs to the body & sew it on.

Next, hold the creature up & balance it so that the front leg of the same side of the body stands evenly with the back leg. Pin it down & sew it on.

At this point, adding a third leg on the other side of the body helps it stand & makes it significantly easier to add the fourth leg.

Pin one of the legs on the other side of the body (it doesn't matter if it's a front leg or a back leg), making sure the creature is balanced while standing. Pin the leg in place & sew it on.

At this point, adding the fourth leg is fairly easy. Hold the leg in place so the creature is balanced with all of the paws touching/not leaning, pin the leg in place & sew it on.

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