First of all, I want to thank you all so much for your support & kindness! I really do appreciate it!

Though I make an honest effort to reply to the messages I get, unfortunately I'm only one person & it's nearly impossible for me to reply to all of them.

The absolute easiest thing for me to do is write out a frequently asked questions section - you'll be able to find almost answer to almost any question you may have on here!

I messaged you & you didn't respond. Why?!

I'm an extremely busy person who generally work upwards of 50-60 hours a week. Messages aren't included in that - they're extra work - and unfortunately, due to the pandemic & current circumstances, I'm trying to maintain relationships with my friends & family online. Generally, if I don't respond to a message, it's already been answered: a) in a listing or b) in one of my FAQs.


"Can you make me ___? "& other custom order questions:

I get asked this way too often - and the short answer is no. I don't take commissions & I don't have any plans to. I generally list items for sale when my room gets overcrowded or if I feel up to remaking something.

Why are the things you make not suitable for people with allergies to cats?

Sooo, I have three Persian (super fluffy, long haired) cats! Even though they're bathed monthly, they are still definitely NOT hypoallergenic. I've had to learn a lot about pet allergies (I'm sadly allergic to dogs) - & from what I've read, cat dander is sticky. Cat allergies generally also seem to be more severe than dog allergies (like hives). Though I make an honest effort to keep them away from my work, my concern is that their dander is already stuck to most of my yarn & may not be overly safe for someone with allergies.

Why aren't the things you make suitable for children? I do my absolute best to make sure that everything I make is sturdy/won't fall apart - BUT kids can be pretty rough with toys. I personally wouldn't give a child anything that's crocheted because they could potentially pull it apart or rip pieces off (eyes, details, etc) which would not be safe for them.

Do you ship to (country)?

I only offer shipping to Canada & America. The price of shipping to other countries is a bit too much.


Can you write a pattern for ___?

Sadly, no. It takes me a while to write patterns - days/weeks/sometimes months - a lot of folks don't seem to understand how much time & effort actually goes into it.

What do you mean by (insert line from pattern here)?

Generally, when I write a pattern, there's absolutely no way that I'm able to explain something any better than it's already written! A lot of people seem to read ahead in patterns without actually trying to make the piece. Generally, when you are physically making it, it will make a lot more sense. Please *try* to do something *before messaging*. This will save both of us a lot of time!

Do you have a video tutorial? Can you make one for me? Nope - sorry. Tons of tutorials already exist on youtube.

Why are your patterns only available in English?

Because I only speak English & a little bit of French (thanks Canada).

I want to buy x amount of your patterns! Can you give me a discount?

While I truly do appreciate that you are interested in my work - unfortunately, I'm not able to do that. I usually run sales & I generally bundle patterns together at a lower price.

Can you help me with sewing?

There's really no way to explain sewing in words lol. Again, there are TONS of tutorials on youtube! My absolute best advice in regards to sewing would be to use pins & place pieces before actually starting to sew!

How do you make the eyes?

I look at a picture for reference & needle felt the eyes on. It's kind of like drawing on yarn. You use wool & a tool that binds the wool to your project.


What brand of yarn do you use?

I usually use a bunch of different brands but prefer to stick to soft yarns. I find they're a lot easier on my hands to work with & I just personally like the look of it. Red Heart Soft, Caron Simply Soft, Patons Canadianna, Bernat Satin, Bernat Super Value.

For fluffy yarn, I use Bernat Pipsqueak.

How long does it take you to make something?

Good question. I have no idea lol. I don't work with a timer or work during set hours. I've only really timed two projects: Scorbunny (4&a half hours) & Celeste (12ish hours). I'm generally doing trial & error + writing it down. The larger something is, or the more detailed it is (pieces, sewing, needle felting), the longer it takes to make.

How did you learn to crochet?

I watched a bunch of videos on youtube & taught myself! Once I felt 'ready' enough to read patterns, I made some free patterns. If you're seriously interested in learning, I would highly recommend learning some basics: how to read a pattern, how to make a chain, how to make a single crochet stitch & how to make a magic ring.

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